Jeannette 2417 Embossed Fruits Twelve Punch Cups

Jeannette 2417 Embossed Fruits Twelve Punch Cups
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This is a lovely set of Twelve (12) embossed fruit patterned punch cups which were manufactured by the Jeannette Glass Company. The Jeannette 2417 Embossed Fruits Twelve Punch Cups  have been carefully stored in their original box all these years

The line was mainly used for punch sets, then the rage and of course are now making a come back on the entertaining scene

These punch cups, done in clear crystal have an embossed fruit design on the body of the cup. At the base of the cups there are raised half ovals.

The Jeannette 2417 Embossed Fruits Punch Cups stand 2-1/4 inches in height, measure 2-3/4 inches in diameter at the top and 1-1/2 inches in diameter at the base. They have a six (6) Fluid ounce capacity

Each of the twelve cups of this Jeannette 2417 Embossed Fruits Twelve Punch Cups  is in pristine condition

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About Jeanette Glass

The Jeannette Bottle Works Company began in 1887, in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. In 1898 Jeannette Bottle Works became the Jeannette Glass Company and began to produce bottles made by hand.

When the O’Neill semi-automatic bottle blowing machine was introduced in 1899, Jeannette Glass automated and mass produced bottles, wide mouth jars, relishes and pressed glass products including automobile headlamp lenses, vault lights and glass building blocks.

Innovative and prolific in its product lines, Jeannette was an early American producer of machine made pressed glassware and other glass products.

By the 1920s, the Jeannette Glass Company had expanded and grown to manufacture a wide range of glass products for medical, industrial and home uses.

In 1924, they introduced their tableware products, which are now known as Depression glass. Today, many of Jeannette’s tableware patterns are very popular with collectors and enthusiasts.

Jeannette captured market share in kitchenware and tableware during the Depression era, producing Jadite, Jennyware and Delphite glassware products in pink, green, crystal, and ultramarine.

After World War II, Jeannette ramped up production and was again successful in the post war era, buying the McKee division from Thatcher Glass Manufacturing in 1961. The company continued to operate until 1983, when production finally shut down.