Antique Maryland Glass Ribbon Etch Set of 3 Goblets

Antique Maryland Glass Ribbon Etch Set of 3 Goblets
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Vintage From Paul is pleased to offer this Set of Three (3) Antique Wine Goblets in the Maryland Ribbon Etch of the Maryland Glass Company.

Please note: Only one goblet is would however receive one Set of Three (3).

This set of elegant hand etched glasses are from the depression era, circa 1930's.

The Maryland ribbon etch has flower swags and dainty bows with long tails. The minute details and artistry of the patterns are to be admired. The sides of the glasses have a slight paneled/optic motif.

The etching is the same as that used by Tiffin Glass in their "Paulina" pattern. The difference between the two is found in the stems. The Maryland Glass Company has a slightly bulbous stem at the top, Tiffin has a straight stem.ANTIQUE MARYLAND GLASS RIBBON ETCH 3 GOBLET SET


The Antique Maryland Glass Ribbon Etch Goblets stand 6-3/8 inches in height, measure 3-1/8 inches in diameter at the top.

Each of the three (3) available Antique Maryland Glass Ribbon Etch  Goblets of this set are in MINT condition with no chips, cracks, scratches or other defects noted. Great set that displays to grace your Autumn/Thanksgiving table...both of which are fast approaching!

About The Maryland Glass Company

The Maryland Glass Company was established in 1913, in Cumberland, Maryland. It was located at the site of the former Eastern Glass Company which had burned down.

A modern facility which included several buildings was built on the site. The company had facilities available for cutting and finishing.

They also had a building devoted to acid etchings and painting. The plant included a two stack furnace for pots and for blowing glass.

Maryland was known for their glass decorating. They made some of the glass that they decorated and sold. Other blanks were purchased from other glass companies such as Heisey and then decorated or etched and sold under the Maryland Glass name.

Decorating techniques included needle etches and acid plate etchings, on both pottery and glassware.

Many pieces were decorated with gold, silver, and platinum coatings. Enameling in black, blue, green, orange, gold gilding, and hand paintings with floral decorations can be found on glassware and pottery made by Maryland as well as on blanks from other companies.

Known etchings by Maryland Glass include the Cupid with Psyche Etch (also called Diana and Nymph Etch), Maryland Basket Etch, Maryland Ribbon Etch and a Maryland Griffin etching.

In the early 1930s Maryland Glass output began to decline. In 1935, production of glassware ceased. In 1938, the factory reopened and continued to produce glass until 1941 when the factory closed its doors forever. The decorating facility continued as Kortwright, Nehring, and Weaver.