Antique Seneca Glass EAPG Hobstar & Flower Rose Bowl

Antique Seneca Glass EAPG Hobstar & Flower Rose Bowl
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Vintage From Paul is pleased to offer this stunning early Seneca Glass Company Hobstar and flower Rose Bowl. The bowl has impressed on the underside the Seneca Glass logo used in the early days of the company. There is a scan of this impression, an elongated letter "S" with the letters "G" and "C" enclosed in the crooks of the letter "S"

The bowl has a polished , scalloped saw tooth edge. There are alternating panels of a 5 petal flower buttressed with leaves. The other panel is an intricate design of hobstars and stars. The base has a 22 point raised rounded star.

The Antique Seneca Glass EAPG Hobstar & Flower Rose Bowl gently glows a light green/yellow when black light tested.

The Antique Seneca Glass EAPG Hobstar & Flower Rose Bowl is in magnificent condition with no major defects noted. The saw teeth are intact, the glass displays no sickness. The base of the bowl does have very minor and minimal surface scratches consistent with its' age and being stored on a shelf.

The Antique Seneca Glass EAPG Hobstar & Flower Rose Bowl measures 6-3/4 inches in diameter at the top, 5 inches in diameter at the base. The bowl stands 3-7/8 inches in height.

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About The Seneca Glass Company

It was the uniqueness of the total technology of producing lead crystal, from the operation of the furnace to the weighing and mixing of the raw materials, the firing, the blowing, shaping, annealing, cleaning, decorating, and polishing that enabled the company to produce fine tableware--and thus preserved the building. Not only would mechanization have been cost prohibitive, it is virtually impossible for lead glass production.

Because of its brilliance, bell-like tone, and because it can be etched and cut in intricate patterns, lead glass has always been preferred by those who could afford it. Seneca Glass Company may have offered over one thousand patterns. Its markets included some of the finest stores and hotels in America, as well as international steamship lines. Eleanor Roosevelt, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and the president of Liberia are only three of the many dignitaries who owned Seneca crystal.

In 1944 and 1945, the U. S. State Department ordered Seneca crystal for thirty American embassies and consulates. Because of the changing allegiances during the war, some of the crystal was rerouted from nations who became enemies to “friendly" nations.

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