Blue Danube Blue Onion Ribbon Mark Creamer

Blue Danube Blue Onion Ribbon Mark Creamer
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Vintage From Paul is pleased to offer these stunning Blue Danube Blue Onion Ribbon Mark Creamer.

Each available Blue Danube Blue OnionCreamer is in pristine condition with no defects noted. The graphics are crisp, colors vibrant. The mark on the back says "Blue Danube, Reg US Des. Pat Off".

The Blue Danube Blue Onion Creamer stands 3-1/2 inches in height, measures 5-1/8 inches from handle to spout.  The Blue Onion Creamer has an 8 fluid ounce capacity.

We ship the day after payment is received using Insured Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Parcels are generally received in 2-3 days depending on your location.

About the Blue Onion design

The term "onion design" is erroneous. The design has nothing to do with the onion motif (and neither is that vegetable necessary for production!). Only one of the decorative elements on the plate edges, the pomegranate, remotely resembles the outline of an onion.

Actually, the whole design is an ingeniously conceived grouping of several floral motifs, with Japanese peaches and the pomegranates, and in the center of the product are found stylized peonies and asters --the stems of which wind in flowing curves around a bamboo stalk.

Judging from the number of various plant types mentioned, the ornament might arise from an east Asian model-- probably Chinese-- but it also demonstrates that the manner of strictly abstract stylization belongs to the sphere of European comprehension. And it is undoubtedly connected with the rhythm and rules of rococo ornamentation: for instance, the asymmetrical motif is composed according to type in various areas, and yet at first glance gives the impression of symmetry.

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