Bryce Higbee EAPG Paneled Thistle Delta Cordials

Bryce Higbee EAPG Paneled Thistle Delta Cordials
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Vintage From Paul is pleased to offer these .Bryce Higbee EAPG Paneled Thistle Delta Cordials Paneled Thistle is sometimes referred to as Delta. This pattern was manufactured from the late 1880's to 1906.

The pattern is Metz Identification Number 746 and can be found on page 68 of "Early American Pattern Glass" by Alice Hulett Metz.

The pieces of this collection are Non-Flint glass. Although flint glass is more rare, non-flint glass is the more detailed and exhibits the craftsmanship of the masters of glass making.

This crystal clear Bryce Higbee EAPG Paneled Thistle Tall Compote is a classic example of the fine pressed glass manufactured from the late 19th to the very early 20th century. James B. Higbee and John Bryce founded the Higbee Glass Company in 1879 in Pittsburgh, Pa.

These beautifully detailed, antique 'Paneled Thistle', a.k.a. 'Delta', Eapg pattern glass stemware wine, or cordial glass, with flared bowl, were made by J.B. Higbee Glass Company from 1908-1920.

This is an Outstanding pattern with 6 arched panels, each with an extremely detailed design of leafy, stemmed thistle flowers, alternating with a rayed starburst design. The panels are separated by raised ridges which extend all the way down to the fancy patterned, round foot. (The pictures cannot possibly show all the amazing, minute details on this small piece of glass! )

This antique cordial glass measures 3-5/8 inches Tall, 2-1/2 inches across the flared rim.

Each of the available Cordials is in Mint condition with no defects noted. It is amazing the mint condition of these cordials after all these many years. 

These cordials are not marked with the Higbee 'Bee', though they do glow a strong yellow-green under uv blacklight to further verify age and authenticity. A gorgeous pattern to add to your collection

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