Duncan & Miller EAPG Homestead Ten Piece Punch Bowl Set

Duncan & Miller EAPG Homestead Ten Piece Punch Bowl Set
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Vintage From Paul is pleased to offer this lovely, Duncan & Miller EAPG Homestead Ten Piece Punch Bowl Set.  The ten pieces of this set include the Homestead Punch Bowl, eight (8) Homestead Punch Cups and one plastic ladle (obviously not original to the Homestead Set).

Dincan Miller began producing the popular Homestead pattern in the eraly 1900's and continued production into the 1950's.

The Homestead pattern has large hobstars with a lovely shell design in the center as opposed to the more common button.  The Hobstars are encircled by a bevel cut circle.   These hobstars alternate with panels of raised diamond points and ellongated pentagons.  The scalloped edge is of a saw tooth design on the punch bowl.  Most definately a Victorian design in its' attention to intricate detail.

Each of the Homestead Punch Cups is in excellent condition and appear to never have been used. There are some factory rough edges here and there on the foot. No chips, cracks, or cloudiness.

The Homestead Punch Bowl is in excellent condition. It has some expected very shallow scratches in the bottom from where the ladle rubbed, but no chips, cracks, or cloudiness. This kind of glass typically has some air bubbles and/or straw marks. These pieces have some tiny bubbles. They are normal and not damage or defects.

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