Hutschenreuther Black Knight Two Tall Optic Aperitif Glasses

Hutschenreuther Black Knight Two Tall Optic Aperitif Glasses
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These are a simply stunning and rare set of two Hustchenreuther Black Knight Optic Tall Aperitif glasses.

Each of the available Hutschenreuther Black Knight Two Tall Optic Aperitif Glass Sets are sparkling and without any defects. The Black Knight logo is seen on one of the optic panels of each of the six glasses.

The Hutschenreuther Black Knight Two Tall Optic Aperitif Glasses stand 7-1/4 inches in height, measure 1 inch in diameter at the top and 2-1/4 inches in diameter at the base.

History of Black Knight;

It is often mentioned that the Hutschenreuther company simply took over the business, however many people miss a vital point as the Auvera family became closely involved with Hutschenreuther, hence the term 'friendly merger' might me more appropriate. For example, both Carl Auvera and his son Hugo became board members of the 'C.M. Hutschenreuther A.G.' and Hugo Auvera continued as shareholder and board member of the 'Porzellanfabrik C. Tielsch and Co. A.G.' in the town of Altwasser (Silesia). This may not seem interesting at first glance, but 'C.M. Hutschenreuther' took over the Silesian enterprise in 1932 with Hugo Auvera being one of the directors that had influenced the deal. But even before that, Hugo Auvera had already influenced the Silesian business in favour of Hutschenreuther; for example the 'C.M. Hutschenreuther' exports under the 'Black Knight' label (owned by Graham and Zenger, New York) that carry the 'Waldenburg Studios' addition were actually made at the Tielsch factory; a business relationship for which Auvera signed responsible.

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