Jackson China Jac-Tan Red Scroll Dinner Plates

Jackson China Jac-Tan Red Scroll Dinner Plates
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Vintage from Paul is pleased to offer these Jackson China Jac-Tan Red Scroll Dinner Plates.

Jackson China was located in Falls Creek, Pennsylvania and was a major manufacturer of hotel and restaurant ware as well as a producer of various fine china for the home.

Royal Jackson is the main fine china brand that is generally associated with the company today. It was made from 1939 to 1969. Royal Jackson closed in 1985.

The Jackson China Jac-Tan Red Scroll Dinner Plates measure 9-3/4 inches in diameter.

Each of the available JJackson China Jac-Tan Red Scroll Dinner Plates is in pristine condition; the colors are vibrant, graphics crisp.  These plates appear to be unused.

The Jackson China Jac-Tan Red Scroll Dinner Plates are marked with "Vitrified Jac-Tan Jackson China, Made in  USA, J-25"  The date code J-25 indicates a 1935 date of manufacture.

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