Metlox Sculptured Daisy Cereal Bowls

Metlox Sculptured Daisy Cereal Bowls
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Vintage From Paul pleased to offer these lovely and refreshing Metlox Sculptured Daisy Cereal Bowls.

The "Metlox" name is a contraction of metallic oxide, established in 1927. The company started out making ceramic outdoor signs.

The California Pottery wasn't made until 1931. In 1946, decorated lines were introduced, and in 1958, the sculpted shapes by Bob Allen and Mel Shaw were brought out.

"Sculptured Daisy" is a cheerful embossed design with daisies and a twisted rope design 

The Metlox Sculptured Daisy Cereal Bowls measures 7-1/8 inches in diameter.

Each available Metlox Sculptured Daisy Cereal Bowls is in Pristine condition. The graphics are crisp, the colors beautiful and the glazing as smooth as silk. It appears that these Metlox Sculptured Daisy Cereal Bowls were never used, or if so, ever so gently. 

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