Porsgrund Porcelain Lillehammer Olympics Plate

Porsgrund Porcelain Lillehammer Olympics Plate
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We are delighted to offer this stunning collectors plate from the 1994 Olympic Games, held in Lillehammer Norway. the plate was manufactured by the Porsgrund Porcelain company.

The Olympic seal is clearly visible on the upper left of the plate.

Done in a classic Scandinavian blue and white motif, the Porsgrund Porcelain Lillehammer Olympics Plate is stunning. The focal point is our young Olympic hopeful on cross country skis perhaps on his way to Birkebeineren Skistadion, the venue for the cross country skiing of these Olympic games.

The Porsgrund Porcelain Lillehammer Olympics Plate is in flawless condition. The Porsgrund Porcelain Lillehammer Olympics Plate  measures 8 inches in diameter.

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About Porsgrund Porcelain

Johan Jeremiassen established PORSGRUNDS Porselaensfabrik AS in 1885. The factory took two years to build, and on February 10th 1887, the first firing operation took place. This well-known factory is idyllically located on the west bank of the Porsgrunn River and looks the same today as it did over 100 years ago. PORSGRUND is NorwayÂ’s only producer of feldspar porcelain.

The factory has enjoyed continuous production since 1887 and in fact still uses the same original "recipes" for all of its products, using a wide assortment of porcelain products ranging from fireproof goods destined for professional kitchens, to exquisite, fine porcelain for the home. PORSGRUND is the main producer of porcelain flatware and products for the Royal family, and has been so for three generations.

In PORSGRUND's production one can see the century's history and many norwegian artists have been shown. Artists like Thorolf Holmboe, Theodor Kittelsen, Gerhard Munthe, Nora Gulbrandsen, Tias Eckhoff, Konrad Galaaen, Victoria Berge, Odd Nerdrum, Jakob Weidemann, Frans Widerberg, Ferdinand Finne ... are some of the many who have been engaged by PORSGRUND over the years.