Tarentum Glass Frost Crystal EAPG Platter

Tarentum Glass Frost Crystal EAPG Platter
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We are very pleased to offer this sensational, Rarely Seen, Antique EAPG Round Serving Platterwhich was made by the Tarentum Glass Company, circa 1906.

This terrific EAPG Pattern is formerly known as ‘Frost Crystal’ , although some have referred to it as‘ Peerless‘.

This is a seldom-seen Tarentum pattern, and one of the prettiest we have found.

This Tarentum Glass Frost Crystal EAPG Punch Centerpiece Bowl can be seen pictured on Page 124 of the Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass Fifth edition, 1860-1930 by Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile.

The Tarentum Glass Frost Crystal EAPG Platter measures 10-1/2 inches in diameter at the top.

This extraordinary platter is formed by six large, deeply beveled and notched divided sections - each section having a slightly recessed bulls eye enclosing a ‘snowflake’ star. There are fan cut detail in each of the four corners of each panel.

The slightly raised foot of the piece has a 38 point star burst design, with the rays being formed by bevel cuts.

This gorgeous crystal clear glass reflects the light beautifully and the sparkle is amazing, making it Very difficult to photograph accurately!

The Tarentum Glass Frost Crystal EAPG platter is in excellent condition having only one chipped tooth. It isis free of any  deep scratches. The glass is clear and shows no sickness.

Not unusual for a 103 year-old piece - there are minor, and mostly unseen surface scratches to the bottom of the foot which re not seen unless the piece is held to the sun light or a strong light.

The platter glows yellow-green under an Ultraviolet (UV) black light to further verify age!

This antique platter will soon become a favorite with its' intricate detail and charm of an era long since past.

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