Vintage Franciscan Apple USA Coupe Cereal Bowls

Vintage Franciscan Apple USA Coupe Cereal Bowls
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Designed in 1940 and first produced in the orchard-rich valleys of California, the Franciscan Apple pattern took dinnerware collectors by storm with its rustic appeal. Hand-painted with visible brush strokes, each piece exudes its own individuality. Russet-colored twigs twine around the borders, while red apples and green leaves stand out in bold contrast against a creamy background.

Vintage From Paul is delighted to offer these classic Vintage Franciscan Apple USA Coupe Cereal Bowls. These vintage bowls were manufactured in the U.S.A., with the hallmark indicating a date of manufacture from 1958 to 1973 (See below guide)

The creamy ivory body serves as the perfect canvas for the hand painted apple and leaf design of Franciscan.

Each of the available Vintage Franciscan Apple USA Coupe Cereal Bowls is in mint condition having no flaws or defects.

The Vintage Franciscan Apple USA Coupe Fruit Bowls, measure 6  inches in diameter at the top.

Perfect addition to your Apple collection.

Franciscan Apple Hallmarks:

Franciscan Apple Dishes have a range of  Makers Stamps that easily help identify when the Dish was made.  If you are searching for Vintage Apple Dishes made in America, here are the dates and stamps you should look for:  (Franciscan Apple was introduced in 1940; these dates and makers mark reflect all Franciscan Ware)

1934-1938: The stamp simply reads GMcB with a circle around it.  Sometimes Made in USA is underneath or if it is a small piece it will simple read Made in USA.

1938:  Will be a "F" in a Box.  This was used only for 9 months.

1939:  Will be Franciscan Pottery or Franciscan Ware.

1940-1948:  Will be the Circle mark Franciscan Ware.  Numbers under the mark indicate the production of a specific worker.

1949-1953: Will be the Arching Franciscan Stamp or Half Moon

1953-1958: Will be the Circle Stamp again with Oven Safe added.

1954-1958: Again, used the Circle Stamp with Color Seal added..

1958-1973: Will be the "TV" Screen stamp with Franciscan in the Middle.  Family China and other details were added and changed as the years changed. 

1974-1976: Will be the "Mission" Back Stamp.

1975-1979: The flying "F" with the entire word of Franciscan with many variations.

1980-until end of Production in America: The flying "F" alone with USA underneath it.

This should help anyone in dating your Franciscan Apple Ware made in America.


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